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Extend Warranty

Expect more from your product protection


Late Model Performance (LMP) has teamed up with Extend. Extend is reinventing the extended warranty and product protection experience by putting you at the center of our solution. Extend protection plans give you a modern, easy-to-use experience so that you can rest easy knowing your favorite products are safe whenever life happens.

*This plan begins as soon as the manufacturer's warranty, typically 1 year, expires, and lasts for the number of years you select.

How Extend Works




Shop at LMP

You’ll find our Extend plans on many of our products. Just add a plan while shopping and Extend will email you your contract – no receipts or paperwork needed.



File a claim

To file a claim, simply visit Extend's website and message Extend's virtual claims specialist, Kaley, or get help from a customer support representative from Extend at 877-248-7707.

Most claims are resolved in less than 90 seconds!



Enjoy your product!

Once approved, send in your damaged product using Extends free shipping label. Then Extend will get your replacement sent from LMP or repair scheduled so you can get back to using your product in no time.


Some of the Benefits of Extend's Warranty

Fast replacements & repairs

If your product breaks - we’ll replace or repair it in no time!



Product replacement

If your product stops working, Extend will replace it at no additional cost!



Zero deductible

No deductibles. 



Peace of mind

Use your product freely and without worry. Extend has you covered!



No hidden fees

The cost of your plan is the amount you pay at purchase. No deductibles. No hidden fees. No scams.



Easy online claims

Damage is unexpected but Extend is reliable. Extend's claims process is painless fast and easy. File a claim in seconds with Kaley!

Free shipping

We’ll cover the costs of shipping and handling for your replacement or repair.



Store credit

Most replacement plans give you store credit - giving you the freedom to pick a new product or stick with the same one.



Customer focused support

We are ready to help. Use Kaley to file a claim 24/7 or send us a message here.




How do I purchase an Extend protection plan?

Eligible products will prompt with a protection plan offer where you can pick the plan that best suits you. You can purchase right here from our website.



What happens to my contract if I return my product?

If you return your product, LMP returns the money you paid for the protection plan. Depending on how much time has passed since your purchase, Extend will issue a pro-rated refund.  


How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is easy! Just go through Extend's virtual claims specialist, Kaley or contact our Extend's service team. When filing a claim with Extend, you will simply need to provide either your Extend contract ID, email address, or other identifying piece of information.



How do I cancel my protection plan?

Contact us and we will submit the cancellation request and also issue any remaining refunds.

The fine print

*This plan excludes coverage for damage caused by accidents.

Need help? We're available at866.567.2001 - orContact Us
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