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New Website is Live!

Posted by LM on Dec 13th 2021

New Website is Live!

We have finally released our new website! 

Some of our products did not make it over to the new platform BUT will be added back in the future. Some Vararam and LG Motorsports parts for example. 

The YMM function is not working as of today. We are currently working on implementing this functionality into our website. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the search function. You can search within a category or Sub-Category as well as by part number or car. Example: Mustang+1999+Exhaust. using the '+' sign between words will help narrow down the search results and will give better results. You can search for a part number such as "SLP+31211" to find a part by part number.

Product Inventory is not available at this time. Please contact us with any stock inquires. 

LMPerformance is also in the process of doubling the size of our part catalog! So check back regularly as we bring on new Brands to our website.

LMP will be adding more features and automation to our order and product listing processes to make a more intelligent shopping and checkout experience. For Example we have added Extend product warranties and BOLT checkout to our checkout process which enhances security and checkout times.

All old orders from the old platform are still valid. Please contact us if you need a copy of a receipt, tracking or order status. All old orders will not be carried over to this new system. All valid accounts have been pre-loaded with basic information such as name address and email. You will need to create a password with forgot my password and update your address information.

Please visit our new FAQ page for any other questions.

Need help? We're available at866.567.2001 - orContact Us
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